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We specialize in real estate in Heredia and sorrounding areas north to Costa Rica's capital. RealEstateHeredia.com covers important areas such as San Joaquin, San Isidro, Santo Domingo, Santo Tomas and Lagunilla. From our extensive listings of properties we offer apartments, condos, houses, lots, land, and others, both for sale and rent.

RealEstateHeredia.com belongs to the Tierra del Sol Real Estate Group which has extensive experience in real estate in Costa Rica.

Heredia, sitting just a short distance from San Jose, the lush and gorgeous province of Heredia is one of the most beautiful provinces in Costa Rica. Known for its verdant coffee plantation covered hills and volcanic national parks; this mountainous region also has dense tropical forests, stunning waterfalls and roaring rivers that make it the ideal real estate destination, for those who wish to enjoy nature at its very best.

With its provincial capital sharing the same name, this province is located just around 10 km north of San Jose City. Heredia is one of Costa Rica's larger cities and has a very elegant feel to it. Boasting nearly all the amenities that San Jose has to offer, you can have all the commodities when purchasing real estate and enjoy nature at the same time.

RealEstateHeredia.cr has the advantage of having a broad knowledge as it is not only a company that sells real estate , but is also a strong construction, consulting and development company. The company employs services of architecture and design, also having an excellent engineering department at the hand of any of our customers. Any client of RealEstateHeredia.com is given the best service and much knowledge in the area of Heredia since all our agents are originally from here and have seen the real estate market grow.

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